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Design System Creation

Design systems are essential in UX/UI design as they ensure consistency in visual elements and user interface components. They boost efficiency with reusable elements, support scalability in evolving products, and foster collaboration among teams. Design systems reinforce brand identity, contribute to accessibility, enable rapid prototyping, and simplify maintenance and updates, streamlining the overall design process.


I had the opportunity of shaping OPAL's design system, refining visual elements for a consistent and user-friendly experience.

How did it all start:

  • Understanding the current design landscape and user needs

  • Defining clear design principles and inventory existing components

  • Developing a comprehensive style guide encompassing colors, typography, and other visual elements

Logo 3.png
Logo 11.png

We initiated our design system journey by embracing brand guidelines as our guiding framework. From there, we progressively built upon this foundation, crafting a cohesive and tailored design system that not only aligns seamlessly with our brand identity but also evolves to meet the dynamic needs of our users.

Opal Design System

Grid System.jpg
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