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Effortless Booking for All - Accessible holiday event reservations designed for everyone, ensuring an inclusive experience for diverse festive plans

Competitive analysis, Ideation, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Holiday Event Booking App

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Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 1.53.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 1.53.25 PM.png
My Role
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Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 1.53.25 PM.png
Target Device
10 Days Sprint
2 Designers
Conducting Competitive Audit
Visual Design

Usability Testing

Paper & Pencil

Problem Statement

  • In today's app landscape, finding holiday events with suitable accessibility features for individuals with disabilities is a challenge. Existing apps often lack essential filtering options, making it difficult for users to locate vital information about wheelchair access, sensory-friendly environments, and other accommodations. As a result, individuals face hurdles in identifying events that meet their specific needs, limiting their ability to fully engage in festive celebrations. 

  • Users seeking events tailored to their preferences, such as family-friendly gatherings or adult-only occasions, lacked efficient filtering options in existing platforms.


  • Creating an inclusive holiday-event platform, we prioritize accessibility. Our solution integrates vital features like wheelchair access filters, sensory-friendly event indicators, and detailed venue accessibility data. This empowers individuals with disabilities to easily discover tailored festive events. Users can request specific accommodations in advance, ensuring a seamless and inclusive holiday experience for everyone. 
  • Additionally, our improved categorization and filtering functions cater to various preferences, be it family-friendly or adult-oriented events during the holidays.

Target Audience

  • Individuals with Disabilities: Specifically those with mobility, sensory, visual, or auditory impairments seeking inclusive holiday celebrations tailored to their needs.
  • Caregivers and Support Networks: People assisting individuals with disabilities in finding suitable and accessible holiday events.
  • General Event Enthusiasts: People interested in attending holiday events who prioritize inclusivity and want to explore a diverse range of celebrations
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Competitive Analysis

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We conducted comprehensive direct and indirect analyses of competitors to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and best practices. This exploration aimed to glean insights and leverage valuable strategies in optimizing our platform for searching and booking holiday events.
In assessing our market, we find a spectrum of direct and indirect competitors. Directly, platforms like Eventbrite and Facebook Events offer event organization and promotion, while indirectly, Airbnb Experiences, Klook, and Meetup cater to curated experiences, presenting alternative choices for leisure and social engagement
Facebook Events:

Strengths: Large user base, integration with the Facebook platform, ease of event creation and sharing, social connectivity, extensive reach.

Weaknesses: lack specialized event-focused features, less emphasis on ticketing and detailed event planning.
Not tailored to people with sensory or physical impairments

Strengths: Focus on community and interest-based events, robust event discovery for local gatherings, emphasis on inclusivity and diverse events.

Weaknesses: Limited reach compared to larger social platforms, might lack features for large-scale event management or ticketing. Not tailored to people with sensory or physical impairments.
photo_2023-12-26 13.00_edited.jpg
photo_2023-12-26 13.00.25.jpeg

Strengths: Dedicated event management platform, robust ticketing system, customization options for event organizers, extensive marketing tools, strong event discovery features.

Weaknesses: limited integration with social media platforms compared to Facebook Events.

Not tailored to people with sensory or physical impairments.
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Initial Wireframes
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High Fidelity Designs

iMockup - iPhone 14.png
iMockup - iPhone 14-4.png
Home page screen,
Browsing through recommendations aligned with the user's chosen interests and applied filters
Browsing exprience can further be more customized by applying the two filters
Accessibility Filters,
Users with disabilities can select appropriate filters here for a tailored experience 

iMockup - iPhone 14.png
iMockup - iPhone 14 (6).png
Interest Selection Screen,
Individuals with disabilities can utilize specific filters here to curate a customized and tailored experience
Disability Selection Screen,
After choosing a disability, users can refine their search by selecting the specific type of impairment, ensuring more customized search results
iMockup - iPhone 14.png
Disability Selection Screen,
Clicking the question mark icon will open a new pop-up explaining each impairment, particularly beneficial for event organizers seeking to create inclusive events
Sensory Guide Popup,
This guide assists individuals with sensory disabilities in determining whether the event is suitable for their attendance. The numbers reveal the level of sensory for each scence. 
iMockup - iPhone 14-1.png
iMockup - iPhone 14 (7).png
Event Screen,
The icons provide users with context about the event, helping them determine if it aligns well with their preferences and needs.
iMockup - iPhone 14-3.png
iMockup - iPhone 14-1.png
Event Screen Map View,
The location icon will open the map displaying the event location, along with providing real-time traffic information for peak traffic times according to the event time
Booking Process,
Users have access to a variety of booking prices and packages to select from

Next Steps

This project, was done within a one-week timeline, and the next step would be to progress to usability testing. Our primary goal is to ensure that the implemented features facilitate an enhanced user experience. Specifically, we aim to create an environment where individuals with disabilities or diverse physical and sensory impairments can easily discover and attend events tailored to their unique needs.

Learning Outcome

Experienced the challenge of a tight deadline, requiring swift and efficient time management skills to conduct extensive research on various disabilities. This compressed timeline prompted an immersive learning process to comprehend the diverse spectrum of disabilities, ensuring a
more nuanced and empathetic approach to designing for inclusivity within
a limited timeframe.
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